Disparity Devlog

Hey everyone, I've finally started working on a devlog for Disparity! Every week I'll be posting an update here to talk about my progress on the game and share some screenshots or gifs.

Just earlier today I finished making the final good ending cutscene in the game. My next big focus is to finish building all the levels for the aftergame. About 60% of the aftergame worlds are done right now. They've been taking a lot longer than the main storymode levels to make due to their size and me trying to come up with creative platforming challenges for them, but I'm slowly getting there.

Disparity was also greenlit on Steam Greenlight earlier this week, so Disparity will in fact be released onto the Steam store along with Itch.io and any other places I may end up releasing it! I'll try to look into adding achievments for the Steam version when it comes out too.

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