Disparity Devlog Update #4

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since the last Devlog update, I've been super busy changing a lot of aspects of the game, and I think these changes have really improved the over all quality.

First off, Disparity is now widescreen! It took a lot of time to convert the game from 4:3 to 16:9, but I love the way it looks now. You see a lot more of the levels now, which really helps with figuring out some of the bigger puzzles in gameplay and seeing more of the environment. All the GUI elements have also been redone to fit better on a widescreen view, I've even added tutorials on the side of the screen in the first world to help ease players into new gameplay mechanics. 

The second big thing I've been working on is optimising the game (that's what those two numbers you see in the top left corner of the screenshots are), I've got it moving consistently at 60fps on my computer and laptop, but I still want to optimise it more so that it can run at a smooth 60fps on as many systems as possible.  

I left off a devlog a few weeks ago talking about how I wasn't too happy with the two "intermission" worlds in the game, and said I was going to redesign them completely until they fit more in line with what I had in mind. Well, that has been done now! I won't say too much about these areas since they are where some of the most crucial and spoiler heavy parts of the storyline take place, but I'm really starting to love how the second intermission world is turning out. It's very puzzle and logic based, and there are a ton of super unique gameplay elements being used in it. It's also the debut of virus combat in the game since the early world bosses were removed a while ago in development.

Those are all of the major things that have gone down since the last Devlog update, I'll quickly list some of the more minor changes I've made to the game here at the bottom:

Small changes since last Devlog:

  •  Added new jumping particles, shot explosion particles and a fancy new effect when your bullets touch electricity or light blocks.
  •  Redesigned the title screen about 5 times, I think this next one will be the final design. (hopefully!)
  •  Completely redesigned the Internet Network and added two new gameplay aspects to that area.
  •  Revamped the Options Menu. Added low detail mode, pixelation shader intensity options, particle options, XBox/Playstation button style, Gamepad vibration options, option to disable autosaving and more.
  •  Re-did a bunch of sound effects.

My goal for next week is to finish optimising the game and then start doing some intensive play testing on the final two areas.

Also a HUGE thanks to TomboFry for his amazing work on remastering the original soundtrack of Disparity. The game is starting to feel more and more complete now and that is in no small part due to his music!

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