Disparity Devlog Update #2

Hey everyone, It's been an interesting week for Disparity.

Now that the main storymode is completed, this is usually the point in development where I start playing through the game over and over again fixing bugs and adding fancy new effects to make the game look and feel nicer.

Through a lot of those playtests though, I've been finding more and more things that I'm just unsure about how they work. For example, the game has two different glitched intermission networks that play a big role in deciding what ending you get. I'm not 100% positive I like how either one of those networks ended up in the final version. It's one of those things where even though I'm just recreating an area from the original version, it doesn't end up translating too well to the new engine and the pace of the game.

So this week I'm going to try and start re-designing those two areas to make sure they flow well with the rest of the game.

I'm also working on adding some stuff to the cutscene engine. Adding stuff like a skip button for repeat playthroughs, and also changing the way text is drawn. I like scrolling text, but I feel like with these style of cutscenes they can take too long to get through while you wait for the text to finish scrolling.

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