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You Have 10 Seconds is a fast paced arcade style platformer game with over 40 levels.

In the game every single level is on a 10 second timer, so you have 10 seconds to get from the start of the level to the end without dying and before time runs out.

- Unlock new areas and collect new items to affect gameplay after each world.

- The game runs at 60fps for precise platforming

- Levels are quick but hard to master

- Full Gamepad/Controller support

- Four unique level soundtracks for each area of the game

- Free to play

"You Have 10 Seconds does (purposely) induce rage, but it's also very addictive." - FGP

"Very stressful, very down to the wire, but I loved it a lot." - Markiplier

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Published141 days ago
Tags60fps, 8-bit, Fast-Paced, Minimalist
Player countSingleplayer


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RUN correeeeeeeeeeee

The character was so cute that it made me feel bad for dying so much. But this was very cool game and concept! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRtTnzU6HtU

What a fun game!

Is what I would say if I didn't die every five seconds. All in all the game was very enjoyable even if rage inducing :P


Pleas, do for Mac.

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No Linux port?

Los Peores 10 Segundos de mi vida! I You Have 10 Seconds

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I gotta say.. pretty neat game, even though it made me a little insane I still think it's a good game.

Here is my playthrough of the game:


So stressful, but simplistic and rewarding as well! I've started playing through it here, hope to make another video to get through the other areas!


This game was a lot of stress but a lot of fun haha :D

Seems fun. I don't like how you have to start each area over though. And if you get to the portal with a second left the timer will still tick down, and you will lose, even though you got to the portal.

Awesome game as much as it killed me i loved it!! :DD

hi calangooooo

I can't go back in the menus. Could you tell me which button it is?

Awesome game! Just did a let's play on it! Check it out! https://youtu.be/pjs_lmR7GQI

Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rm0hfiAXPg

Had a lot of this game! I did a video on it! xD

Definitely going to continue playing this one until I can beat it!!! https://youtu.be/P4IRqe5S8wI

"In the game every single level is on a 10 second timer"


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I did a Lets Play for this awesome game, check it out (Thanks for permission!)

You Have 10 Seconds (A 4 Part Series):
Part 1
Part 2 (fixed)
Part 3
Part 4

Really great game, well balanced and enjoyable, loved the sound design too... Although I still haven't gone further than Area 2 (those transporters are tricky), I believe I'm going to spend some time on it... Congrats, loved it! :D

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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