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aaah! such a cool game to play, 10 seconds ain't alot of time to complete levels which is a fun challenging thing :D well done on creating this game!


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These games make me so angry but are so fun at the same time... part two of my playthtough pisses me off s

Part 1 |
Part 2 |

This was emotionally draining, really enjoyed it though :)

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Made a video - - This is part one.

Gave it a go....

I loved the first one, and i'm about to try the second one. From the video on this, it looks great. Thank you for making a second one!

We played the game, screamed a little, cried a little, and laughed a lot. Thanks so much for your work and congrats on your recent growth in recognition!

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Good work, such an amazing game, I was honestly excited to see this out I mean I loved the first one, and I think you did an amazing job on that one too! keep it up! maybe hoping for a 3 soon?! or too early xD Haha here's my Experience You have 10 seconds 2 Gameplay!

The sequel is out, can't wait to play it!