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Not Dead Yet is a fast paced, energetic, metroidvania style rogue-like game featuring randomised levels, items and enemies to ensure every run is different.

Inspired by The Binding of Isaac, Downwell and Spelunky, Not Dead Yet boasts over 150 unique items that customise your character and can affect how you play, a plethora of dangerous enemies and traps to try and hinder your progress, intense boss fights and more.

Discover hidden messages to unravel a cryptic story line, find rare relics to assist you in runs, buy permanent upgrades to your character, locate new undiscovered areas and items the more you play.

But beware,

She's waiting...

Find rare relics in each zone you explore and add them to your collection to use at the start of a run. Relics can do anything from raising a stat to saving your life.

A dark level in the second zone featuring the player dodging and attacking an enemy.

The player traversing through one of the first zone's many randomised layouts.

game is still in active development, any footage, screenshots, trailers or info may be subject to change.

All current footage and screenshots of the game are from alpha v0.2.3

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- Coming 2017 -

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