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*Game was made in 3 days for GBJAM 5, all sounds, music, art and programming was done within that time period.*

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Lost Alien

A lost alien finds itself stranded on a strange planet.

Fix your ship to get into space, discover new planets, find power-ups and eventually stop the evil slime army from destroying the galaxy.

You can play it with a keyboard or a gamepad, but on the gamepad you can only use the D-Pad and A and B buttons. Gotta keep things authentic.

*Mini Walkthrough*

If you don't feel like spending a lot of time doing gameboy intergalactic travel you'll want to visit the planets in this order:


You start here. Get the ship parts to fix your ship and get into space.


Land here next to get the Gas Mask.


Once you've gotten the Gas Mask, you can safely land on this planet to fight the first boss "Fog" and get the Air Tank.


Using the Air Tank you can safely swim in water and travel through this planet to fight the second boss "Slog" and learn to double jump.


A really small moon, come here once you have the Double Jump to unlock the gate on Forlorn.


A large planet that you'll need to traverse with your double jump in order to fight the third boss "Drog" and get the Super Blaster.


Another small moon, use your Super Blaster to break through some rubble at the start and unlock the gate on Bastion.


Using your super blaster to shoot through rubble, you can get through this planet and fight the fourth boss "Krog".

Moon Base

After a boss rush testing all your abilities, you can fight the final boss and leader of the Slime Army "Blog".

Optional Planets:


You can come here once you learn the double jump to get some coins.


"Little is known about this planet..."



Fixed a bug that causes the player to get stuck when jumping near Area Gates


Nerfed the water damage without the Air Tank

Better sound mixing

Added sound effects when flying with the ship

v1.3 (Final Update)

Added two NEW planets

Two new music tracks

Coins and collectables

A score system where collecting coins, killing ememies and collecting upgrades will give you points.

More information

Published15 days ago
Tags8-bit, gameboy, GBJam, Short
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
Player countSingleplayer


Lost Alien GBJAM 5.zip (22 MB)


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Hey there, first of all, I really enjoyed playing this game, I especially liked flying from planet to planet, I haven't seen that kind of world map often, very good idea. So i have a few ideas, there seems to be alot of unused screen space at the bottom on the screen, maybe you could put the health, and parts, on the bottom, that way you can see more of the world and sky. Next is the life meter, you start with a ton of health, maybe you could cut that down to half health at the start of game, and hide hearts (or something life related), in the stages, and let the player grow their health over time and make them want to explore every inch of the game, also, the same kinda idea with the gun the player shoots, you could maybe lower the fire rate, and buy a better fire rate with coins or find something like a gun part. The boss battles were pretty easy cause of how fast player shoots, if the bosses were a little harder, and/or the player had to dodge them more, they would be alot more memorable, and exciting. Also that enemy who throws a fireball at you, maybe he could roll a fireball at you, or shoot it at a different arc, on a different stage, that way the player wont so easily predict what to do when he sees the enemy, all in all, I really had fun playing this game, I hope you guys add more to it in the future, i wouldn't mind playing this game again. Great Job!

The platforming is for the most part pretty good. However, having to backtrack the entire level gets a tad annoying. Also, I got stuck on a moving platform and had to exit the game.


This is really well done! The music is very complementary within the various levels, the gameplay is smooth and reminds me positively of both Megaman and Starbound, and there's a whole lot to do for just a couple of days of work.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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for a game in Megaman style, it's very good. Normally this games are all running well and fast paced, but in this game some are relaxing. There's just something I want to tell you, the bosses are easy, until the final boss have to be harder.