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Disparity is a retro puzzle platformer game that focuses on using one single mechanic to get through various levels. Switch the polarity of levels to re-adjust the stage and affect things like magnets and light sensors to help you progress.

The game features six main networks, each with 10 playable levels and different mechanics that can be affected by the polarity swapping ability, along with two secret networks that can discovered while playing through the main game. The game's storyline is explained through cryptic cut scenes at the end of every network, and depending on specific actions you take while going through certain networks a second ending to the game can be triggered. There are 7 unique boss fights in the game along with a final boss at the end of the game that changes depending on what ending you get. The game features a completely original chiptune soundtrack with over 25 different tracks that play in various areas and gamepad support.



Jump - X key/Space key

Shoot ( when upgrade acquired) - Z key

Negative Polarity shift - Up key

Positive Polarity shift - Down key

Movement (Left and Right) - Left and Right arrow keys

Gamepad Controller (Xbox)

Jump - A

Shoot ( when upgrade acquired) - B

Negative Polarity shift - Right Trigger

Positive Polarity shift - Left Trigger

Movement (Left and Right) - D-pad or Analogue stick

  • Over 60 levels
  • 7 unique boss fights and a final boss fight
  • Multiple Endings
  • Completely original chiptune soundtrack
  • Average playthrough time of 5 to 6 hours

Official Website: http://www.tamationgames.com/

Initial release date: 21st of December 2015

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Published347 days ago
Tags8-bit, chiptune, Puzzle-Platformer
Player countSingleplayer


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