Darknasia Devlog #1 - Scratching the Surface

Devlog Update #1

Week one of Darknasia's devlog starts of focusing on the surface of the game.

The surface is where most of the player's permanent upgrade functions can be found, item shops, bank systems, shortcuts to the areas, ect.

First off, I added some new graphics to the surface. I felt it was feeling a little empty previously, so I've added a fog filter and extra trees in the background to make the place look more lively.

The updated surface design:

New Surface

Next was creating the shop system, bank system and shortcut system...

Shop System:

I drew a few concept designs for the shop GUI before finally deciding on one I thought worked. Five boxes containing the item name, item description, price, and images of the item. The final design of it can be seen on my Twitter.

Next process was adding in the current 12 effect items in the game to the shop's inventory. Once in the images and names were in, I used three variables to display the data, itemname, itemdesc, and itemprice. itemname quite obviously draws the current item's name, itemdesc draws the description of the item and itemprice draws the price of it. If you press the buy button, the game will then check if your money variable is higher than the itemprice variable, and if it is, it permanently buys the item.

A small splice of the data display code in the shop system

Shop Code

Shortcut System:

I went out of order here, despite the Bank being the third utility on the surface, I worked on the shortcut system first, the fourth utility. The shortcut system lets you buy pathways through the caverns so you can start at later areas. I had a design concept for this one in mind before even drawing it, I wanted one icon representing each area with a straight line going through them, with the data for them all beneath. 

I followed a very similar programming approach to the shop system for this one. I stored the names of all eight areas into the code, and then created the variables areaname and areaprice. As you move along the line using the left and right arrow keys, the areaname and areaprice will update to display the area's name and price.

There are three states the icons on the shortcut shop screen can be in. "found", "undiscovered" and "bought". If an area is undiscovered, all of it's data is hidden and it cannot be purchased. If an area is found but not bought, you can see its data and it is available for purchase, and finally if an area is bought you can view its data and start a run there at anytime.

The three states of shortcut icons:

Shortcut Icons

The final design of the shortcut screen:

Shortcut Screen

Bank System:

Finally this week, I worked on designing and programming the bank system. The final designs I went with for the screens are very rough right now, and may be changed in the later weeks. We'll see. The main screen allows you to choose between withdrawing money and depositing money, and the withdraw/deposit screens simply display your current balance and lets you customise the amount to deposit/take.

I used variables titled withdrawstring and depositstring to achieve a simple bank system. The amount you can withdraw or deposit can only ever be a four figure number, so with that in mind I created four states the number's arrow could be in. One for each digit of the number. If you press the up key while you're on the 1st digit, it will increase in thousands, hundreds for the 2nd digit and so on. Once I had this in place, all I had to do was run a simple check to see if the withdraw string was still lower than your current bank balance, if it is then it adds. It was very important to get a fail safe in here to make sure that your withdrawing money can never be higher than the money you have deposited, otherwise many infinite money glitches could occur from having a system like this in place.

Once you press the deposit/withdraw button, your money will either be stored into a bank variable or withdrawn into your current active finances for you to spend in the shops.

The bank system code that allows you to add/subtract money from your withdraw/deposit string.

With the first half of the surface done and all the early game utility shops in place, next week work will begin on the third area of the game, Subzero Sea. Stay tuned for that devlog on April 11th to see how that area's progress is coming. I'm gonna be flying from Pheonix, AZ to London, UK on Sunday night, so development over the weekend will be very slow. But hopefully enough will be done by then to give you a decently detailed update on the third area.

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